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CHERYL WALTERS - ERYT500, CYI teachers-classes

Cheryl Walters is the owner and director of Lotus Bloom Yoga Studio. Cheryl has been teaching yoga for over two decades, is a Certified Anusara Teacher and has directed Yoga Teacher Training Programs locally for over 10 years. Cheryl’s life has been deeply enriched by the many gifts of yoga. As a result she has been teaching and sharing these gifts in the Prescott, Arizona area since 2001. Her life was transformed when she discovered Anusara Yoga, falling in love with the unique blend of Universal Principles of Alignment and the philosophy of Intrinsic Goodness. Cheryl has a remarkable gift for inspiring her students to embody the practice of yoga, not just on their mats but in their lives – to truly live their yoga. Cheryl shines with her joy for life and love of people, and is passionate about the transformation that exists within the practice of yoga. Her classes enliven the body, mind and heart; celebrating beauty in all its diversity. Cheryl honors all who have been a presence in her life, acknowledging everyone especially her students as her greatest teachers.

Cheryl also has been in the field of integrated therapies and holistic healing arts for over 25 years, she has a local private practice as a Conscious Living Coach and as an Intrinsic Breathwork practitioner.
RYT Teacher Trainer, yoga series and workshop facilitator.



lynne)_2LYNNE MINTON – ERYT500, CYIteachers-classes

Lynne founded the Inner Dance Yoga Studio in 1982 in Anchorage, Alaska and oversaw its growth and development into a thriving center with 20 plus instructors for the next 26 years. She started the Inner Dance Teacher Training program in 1999 which trained over 150 yoga teachers in the 10 years of her oversight of the program. This comprehensive program empowered new instructors by giving a thorough background in the practice and teaching of asana, pranayama, anatomy for yoga, meditation and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Graduates of the program have gone on to open their own studios, or provide yoga in such institutions as school districts, prisons, and mental health facilities. Many graduates have developed specialties in prenatal yoga, yoga for seniors or children, and yoga for stress reduction. Lynne sold the Inner Dance Yoga Studio in 2008 and continued to teach there until she moved to Prescott, AZ in 2011. She now travels the country and the world teaching yoga wherever she is invited.

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YACEPRYT Teacher Trainer, yoga series and workshop facilitator.


Rachel_1829_2RACHEL PETERS – ERYT500, CYI

Rachel is a Certified Yoga Teacher by the Yoga Alliance, was certified in Anusara Yoga in 2007 and is a certified and practicing Yoga Health Coach, certified through the Worldwide Association of Yoga Health Coaches. She has been studying and practicing asana since 1998 and teaching regularly in Prescott since 2001. She currently is teaching asana classes in Prescott and online courses in Ayurvedic Living. Her classes are inspiring, challenging and applicable to all domains of life. She continues to study with Christina Sell, Paul Muller-Ortega and Cate Stillman on her lifelong path as a student of yoga and ayurvedic living.

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RYT Teacher Trainer, yoga series and workshop facilitator.



Cheryl_1749_2CHERYL VAN DEMARK – ERYT500, CYI, PT, C-IAYTteachers-classes

Cheryl is credentialed with the Yoga Alliance at an E-RYT500 level as a Registered Yoga Teacher and Educator.  As a Yoga Therapist, she serves as a faculty member for Integrative Yoga Therapy where she received her credential.

Cheryl is also a practicing Physical Therapist with a Master’s degree in physical education and exercise science.  She has enjoyed over 30 years of helping individuals optimize alignment, restore movement, build strength and cultivate a balance in body, mind and spirit to pursue joyful living.

Cheryl received her undergraduate and graduate education in physical therapy through Northern Arizona University.  Cheryl’s uses her Integrative Health and Yoga training  to empower clients with self care to complement their health care.  Her perspective as a physical therapist and experience as a health educator enable her to adapt Yoga practices and explain philosophy to bring the many health benefits of Yoga into the mainstream.

Cheryl received her initial 200 hr Yoga teacher training through Yoga Shala in Prescott under Cain Carroll.  She guest lectures on anatomy for yoga teacher training programs. Cheryl is a member of the Yoga Alliance, the International Association of Yoga Therapists and The American Physical Therapy Association.

RYT Teacher Trainer, yoga series and workshop facilitator.



Colleen_1765_2COLLEEN MCHORNEY – RYT 500, CYIteachers-classes, LifeForce Yoga Practitioner, Trauma Specialist

 Colleen received her 500 hour training at Lotus Bloom Yoga and studied with Amy Weintraub for her certification as a LifeForce Yoga Practitioner. She is devoted to the studentship of teaching and offers each class as a tribute to her learning. Specializing in using evidence-based yogic tools, Colleen’s classes focus on creating a more balanced mental state. Colleen has a special passion for using yogic philosophy and techniques to work with anxiety and depression. She also works with those in addiction recovery to facilitate this journey of healing. It is her belief that every time we practice, we have the opportunity to find ourselves home in who we truly are, which is divine.

Colleen has immersed herself in the study of mantras, breathwork and physical practice, using a holistic approach to her time on and off the mat for radiant healing practices. In addition, she leads workshops in exploring the chakras for healing in the emotional body. Her offerings at Lotus Bloom Yoga studio integrate the whole self in a dynamic flow class, as well as a supportive chair yoga class for seniors.


Shinay_1771_2SHINAY TREDEAU – teachers-classesRYT500, CYI, Yoga Health Coach, Author, Dancer, Body Activist

Shinay’s love for the human is matched only by her love for travel. She is a women who’s not afraid to tell the truth about herself. As a yoga teacher, dance teacher and body activist, Shinay believes that the body is the way in not the way out. As a Yoga Health Coach, Shinay holds space for artists and entrepreneurs to recommit to a life of creativity without the burnout, stress, or hangover.

Her question to you is, “How do you want to live in your body for this lifetime?” Through her work as a yoga teacher, yoga health coach, author, artist, dancer and body activist, Shinay explores such concepts as how to have a body, the body knows, yoga and psyche, food as medicine, and group work for personal transformation. Shinay loves asking hard questions. A a writer, Shinay tells true stories about herself and others, with the desire to breath more life into the world. Shinay loves yoga because it is an art and science of continual transformation and refinement at any age.

Shinay has a “home base” in Northern Arizona with her husband, Jesse, where they enjoy cooking and playing outside. Together, and separately, they travel the world because the act of changing location broadens their perspective on life. Shinay is the co-author of, Women Challenge the Lie: 8 Radical Moves to Get Beyond “Never Good Enough.”


Cathie_1791_2CATHIE DEVORE – RYT200, CYIteachers-classes

A persistent running injury and the suggestion of my yogini daughter led me on my yoga journey in 2004. I am forever grateful to both! Yoga has become for me a lifestyle, a path to physical, emotional and spiritual healing, wellness and clarity.

I earned my 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate in 2009 after studying with Tias and Surya Little of Prajna Yoga in Santa Fe, NM. Tias teaches Hatha yoga with emphasis on proper alignment, dharma wisdom and the cultivation of deep understanding and awareness. His teachings resonated deeply with me, and I strive to incorporate his training into my yoga classes.

From 2008-2013, I was a frequent student of Laura Antelmi in Boulder, Colorado. I moved to Prescott, AZ in 2013, began teaching yoga for Blackbird Yoga in 2014, and for Lotus Bloom Yoga in 2015.

I believe that yoga is a place where we come to stay…to connect to our breathe and all of life…to become fully aware of ourselves and celebrate our uniqueness….where we can open our bodies, souls, hearts and minds…to let go of all that doesn’t serve us…and invite the light, infinite love and compassion, deep gratitude and best of all, divine grace!


Amy_1809_2AMY MCVICKERS – RYT500, CYIteachers-classes

Amy started her yoga training in 2015. She fell in love with not only how yoga helped heal her body, but also brought forth a sense of peace and calm to her busy mind. Amy is completing her Yoga Alliance 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Lotus Bloom Yoga, which will reach completion in August 2016. She is also a practicing Physical Therapist with a Master’s Degree in Education. For the last 21 years, Amy has found joy in helping individual’s access their physical environment through their greatest form of mobility and assistive technology.

Amy attended Yoga of the Heart, Cardiac and Cancer Certification Training with Nischala Joy Devi, and became certified in teaching yoga to people living with heart disease, cancer, and other health impairments. She is inspired by the health benefits of Yoga practices and gains great strength in the remembrance of caring and honoring oneself that is rooted deep within its philosophy. She is grateful for the opportunity to share Yoga with her community.


Ali-Kate_1757_rALI KOPINTO – RYT200, CYIteachers-classes

Ali started her journey with yoga in 2005, taking her first yoga classes with Rachel Peters and Cheryl Walters. She earned a 200 hour yoga teaching certification at Lotus Bloom Yoga in 2016. During the summer of 2016 she attended a restorative yoga teacher training at Sivananda Ashram in Grass Valley, CA. These trainings offered her a healing space to go inward to practice meditative and restorative poses. Her findings were that the constant buzz from life lessened as her practice deepened. Sharing this knowledge with other practitioners of yoga is her main goal, taking the time to look deeper into our habits to create positive change. She continues to attend trainings and workshops regarding meditation, Ayurveda and yoga.





Ann_1798_2ANN CURRY - RYT, CYI, PA-C

Ann has been a practitioner of meditation and yoga for the past 15 years. She completed her first formal yoga training in Philadelphia in 2004 and most recently was certified in Yoga of the Heart for people with heart disease and cancer. She has taught vinyasa, gentle, beginners, and restorative yoga and is excited to offer the restorative practices to the Lotus Bloom Yoga community.





seperation-linewill_2WILL DUNCAN

Will has been formally studying meditation and scripture with his teachers for three decades. He teaches yogic and Buddhist philosophy throughout the world. Known for bringing humor and light-heartedness into his teaching style he strives to show the relevance of ancient scripture in our day-to-day lives. Will has completed almost four accumulative years of silent and solitary meditation practice.





seperation-lineJulie_1779_2JULIE HEPPE (Swami Samudrananda) – RYT500

Julie has been teaching and studying all aspect of yoga since the late 80′s when she came upon the Temple of Kriya yoga in Chicago. It was there she became a devotee of Goswami Kriyananda and the teachings of Kriya Yoga.

She has since been ordained as Swami Samudrananda, a spiritual name bestowed upon her after years of self study and disciplined practices. It was during this time when she became passionate about the ancient philosophy of yoga and began to facilitate workshops & assist in spiritual guidance across the country.

She recently arrived to Prescott via the west coast of Florida where she co-owed a yoga studio, lead teacher training’s, workshops, group & private classes with the most wonderful groups of people!

You will find that Julie incorporates many styles of teaching into her classes. She has enjoyed the alignment of Iyengar, the discipline of Ashtanga, the energizing flow of vinyasa and the victorious breaths of Kundalini. Her classes are accessible to all levels of students and teachers.


Andi_1816_2ANDIE COOPER – RYT200, CYI

Andie began practicing yoga in 2004.  She enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training in 2012 and began teaching right out of the gate.  She loves being a teacher and a student! Over the past 5 years, she has attended countless yoga classes, workshops and emersions focusing on inversions, arm balances, backbends, anatomy and much more.

Andie’s passion for life and yoga are reflected in her teaching style.  Her classes weave together Ashtanga, Iyengar and Anusara methods, creating a well balanced practice.  She has a straightforward approach to teaching and crafts classes that are fun, challenging and packed with practical alignment cues.