Breath – Body – Living Meditation: June 11

When: June 11th @ 10am – 3pm   
Price: $134.00 (Pay by personal check, Venmo or Zelle)
Lead by: Cheryl Walters and Satya Bella  
Register & save your place: Call Cheryl: (928) 499-1553 or email:

Dear friends on the path of awakening –

We invite you to gather with us in a sacred circle where we will reset our minds, clarify our intentions, release what no longer serves us, and recharge our spirits. In the profound simplicity of our breath we will discover the keys to unlocking our innermost potential and removing the obstacles that block our path.

Together, we will delve into the transformative power of breathwork, movement, and living meditation. Through these ancient practices, we will remember and reconnect with our innate trust in the divine path that is unfolding before us, and in the supreme source of all existence.

May this gathering be an opportunity for each of us to deepen and strengthen our connection with the divine wisdom that guides us always. May we find solace, clarity, and transformation on this sacred journey.

Right here, Right now you are Divine Grace
How does Intrinsic Breathwork work? Miraculously, by directing your consciousness back to your breathing and learning to work with it, you can regain what has been lost. You can learn to let go of patterns of worry and tension, which hold you back, and return to natural, oceanic, full-body breathing.
As you become aware of your breath and work with it consciously, you make a direct link to your autonomic nervous system, gaining access to a part of yourself that usually functions outside of conscious awareness.
It is no accident that many meditation techniques are based on breathing. As our breathing gets fuller and deeper, we can feel ourselves softening, opening, getting more spacious inside.
The breath takes us into the very core of our intrinsic goodness. Awakening us to the fullest authentic self’s.
Intrinsic Breathwork has the power to cleanse us of toxins that have built up in the body and the mind. It can help rid us of worries and tensions and bring us back to our true nature of relaxed openness and connection. This most basic and essential of all our activities can also be the most transformative.
Beyond the baseline of natural breathing, there is also an art to cultivating your breath in more powerful ways. The teachings of yoga, martial arts, and many other cultural and spiritual systems have deep roots in breath cultivation. According to many of these ancient teachings, breathing generates electromagnetic energy, or life force energy—commonly called Prana, Qi or Mana—which can heal your body and deepen your spiritual practices.
Chronic stress responses cause an overactive mind, poor health, and a disconnection from the natural cycles and interconnectedness with all of life. When you free up your breathing, you become brighter, more healthy and resilient. Every experience in life can become more harmonious and meaningful when you are in tune with the power and nourishment of consciously breathing.
From the perspective of the world’s great spiritual traditions, our breath not only brings needed oxygen and other gases to the physical body, but it is a major way that we release accumulated stress, emotional tension, and toxins. When we are conscious and intentional with our breathing, the finer energies (Prana, Qi, or Mana) needed to help nourish our bodies will invigorate and activate the energy flow within our subtle and energetic bodies. With enough accumulation of energy and meditative absorption, new frontiers of awareness light up and the finer spiritual dimensions of interconnection emerge.


E-RYT500, CYI, C-IAYT, YACEP, Yoga Therapist, Conscious Living Coach, Intrinsic Breathwork Practitioner, RYT 200 hour & 300 hour Teacher Trainer, Yoga Series and Workshop Facilitator

Cheryl Walters has been teaching and sharing the gifts of yoga since 2001. She is a Yoga Therapist, certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists and has been the director and lead instructor for Yoga Intensive Studies Programs and Yoga teacher training for Yoga Alliance locally for over 13 years. She has trained over 100 yoga students to become yoga teachers and continues to mentor yoga teachers and yoga students Worldwide.

Cheryl has been an Intrinsic Breath Work practitioner for 15 years, she has used this healing modality in her private practice and with groups to assist many in deepening their understanding of the power of breath and awakening individuals to their true authentic self’s.


Satya has been a practitioner of breathwork for over 30 years having trained, and later worked alongside, renowned rebirthing pioneer Linda Chastain at the ‘Keys to Living’ retreat center in Prescott, Arizona. She has always been passionate about helping others, and profoundly grateful for the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with those who seek it.

With her effective combination of meditation, intrinsic breathwork, body-centered inquiry and traditional non-dual teachings, she empowers her clients to relax into their sessions and rediscover their most sacred truths. Her approach promotes a deep dive into the innermost self, facilitating transformation and growth.

Satya seeks above all to create a safe and nurturing therapeutic space where trust flows freely, allowing clients to embark on a journey of self-discovery and of unlocking their full potential.

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