What students are saying about their yoga studies experience:

“Being apart of the 2019 2020 loads from yoga teacher training has allowed me to:

Learn about the eight limbs path of Yoga as put fourth in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, practice and learn asana in a safe and inclusive environment, expand my awareness of who I am, getting in touch with the deep desires and purposes of my life, connect with the Yoga community in a broader sense than ever before, invest in my personal evolution as a student, a teacher, a friend, liberate myself from outdated and limited beliefs.

This experience has changed my life forever.”
Marie: 2020 Graduate

“Participating in the Lotus Bloom Yoga teacher training program has been a life enrichment course digging deep into my insecurities, trusting the process, and watching its patiently unfold, has been wonderful filled! Spending time with my fellow students and watching all of us transform, gaining a new sense of self and gaining confidence has been a beautiful experience.”
Lisa: 2020 Graduate

“This teacher training has been very revealing, the soul has been putting this journey together for me to share with all of my classmates, family and community. A lot of revealing has occurred while listening to songs of the soul. Many teachers have surfaced wall churning the pot of the sea of consciousness. Many refinements have deconstructed lifetimes into jewels, these jewels have transformed many things with the universe flowing through them. These things are the very essence of reality. The reality that is enjoyed by everything that has been, everything that will be, and everything that has yet to come. I am forever grateful for this amazing journey and experience. ”
Nicholas: 2020 Graduate

“Thank you Cheryl for an amazing time. I wouldn’t been here if it was not for your support and understanding. You have an amazing knowledge and love for Yoga. I hope to grow with this knowledge to be able to create an amazing practice. And someday feel really ready to teach. You have given all of us the steppingstones to support us on our journeys wherever it will take us.”
Kalee: 2018 Graduate

“I appreciate this experience for his nine month timeframe allowing true yoga to happen in our daily life did this teacher training I have loaned Yoga is it merely about the physical acinar that rather a genuine lifestyle. I feel the 200 hours is a beautiful introduction into Yoga and all the possibilities that Yoga allows. I enjoyed the guest speakers and the guest teachers all of them are rich with knowledge and add it to the training. I love the group diversity and the even manner in which Cheryl rose to every occasion and was flexible my soul is brighter thanks to this experience!”
Tanna: 2018 Graduate

“My career as a surgical nurse made me very aware of how bodies age and the many factors that influence this process but when I got there, late 60s, my passion for hiking ended abruptly with painful sciatica. Physical therapy helped, followed by a yoga type exercise class that was good but I quickly realize that it was only a good beginning. When someone mentioned Lotus Bloom studio I signed up and now, 18 months later, cruising towards 71, I attend three days a week and leave every class feeling elated. The nourishing, non-competitive environment, the highly educated and supportive staff, the understanding that we all inhabit different bodies with unique limitations and strengths allow each of us there to explore the physical and spiritual dimensions of this ancient practice. My strength, endurance, balance and mostly my sense of well-being have improved and I am hiking again. Yippee yay!!!!”
P.jacobs: 2018 Graduate

“I begin yoga a year ago at 61. I was skeptical about after trying to yoga class through my cities parks and recreation department. If you years prior where I felt like a pretzel and a huge nine personal class I told instructor that I had never attended before and was told not to worry just to do what I could what did that mean? I hated it and never went back. I finally got tired of my custom back and hip pain from 20 years of working with severely disabled students. I also need to find some flexibility and choose simply sit on the floor again. I found loads from yoga studio online as I search Prescott locations. I read the teachers files and thought I’d give it a try. I was impressed with the high qualifications of the lesbian teachers their knowledge and experience. Proper alignment is just most important in my practice in the instructors were asking to providing personal attention to each student if you wish, they will give you gentle hands on corrections are simple model it for you if you prefer they also have the oodles of alternative or simple poses to help when you are the one called for is it working for you as a bonus, coming to classes provides me time to quiet my mind something I never thought possible. The pain I had is gone and I’m gaining flexibility I’ve never craved any other feels like to be like I crave yoga classes at Lotus Bloom. After class I’m filled with joy at what I’ve just experience. It’s a judgment free zone and I’m thrilled and grateful to practice yoga at Lotus Bloom.”
Katie L: 2018 Graduate

“Love the extended training allowing one to really dive into long lasting change in oneself. True inner bliss I have obtain. Thank you Cheryl & Teacher Team.”
H.Pappas: 2017 Graduate

“The last 9 months has changed my life. This teacher training program introduced me to Yoga. All 8 limbs of yoga, and for that I will forever be grateful. It is true to the roots of yoga and in todays world that is a beautiful thing. I am so grateful and feel at peace with what is next. The people who shared this experience with me will forever have a place in my heart. I would not change or trade these a months for anything.”
P. Mccham: 2017 Graduate

“Excellent Program! You really receive a solid base that each of us can grow from. Thank you for offering a little taste of everything.”
Shawnee: 2017 Graduate

“My life was changed by my experience of the 200 hour yoga teacher training. On a personal level my physical practice developed and improved. I learned to try asana that I thought were beyond my abilities. On a spiritual level my mind and heart expanded and opened. I was able to open up ancient texts that can sometimes be confusing and through class discussions, peers presentations I began to get a glimmer of understanding of how to envelope the teachings into my daily life. And I believe our group developed a bond that will last many years to come.”
R. Hershey: 2017 Graduate

“The 200 hour teacher training at Lotus Bloom Yoga is a vast offering of yoga history and the 8 limbs of yoga. Cheryl gives her students a sampling of everything yoga has to offer with the hopes that each student finds their passion and path to their own inner journey. I loved and cherished every moment of the 9 month training.”
J. Oden: 2017 Graduate

“I had an agenda of what I wanted to learn in my 300 hour Yoga program – I received that and more. I hadn’t anticipated the quality of the program objectives, nor the caliber of expertise of the faculty. Likewise the significant friendship/relationships that were forged in that year was/is phenomenal. Come with notebook in hand and a recording device so that you can capture the significance of what is being taught (especially the “how to’s of poses”). I, if you can’t tell, highly recommend this program!
Joy: August 2016 Graduate

“If I didn’t believe in a magic before hand, I do now. Cheryl has a way of bringing together strangers into the fullness of being and into the welcoming embrace of community. There is deep knowledge and wisdom in this training pulled from the various, deep roots of yoga. I am forever grateful for this experience.”
Joanna: June 2016 Graduate

“Yoga teacher training at LBY was a once in a lifetime experience. Cheryl’s ability to create and foster a supportive community that not only aide you in your journey, but holds you accountable, makes the program that much better. Through out the 9 months, we as students were challenged to get outside of our comfort zones, to deepen our practice, and to open to Grace. I can say that my own practice has been strengthened tremendously and I have the tools and knowledge to help share Yoga with the World!!!” –
Nicole: June 2016 Graduate

“I really appreciated all of the outside teachers who came into our training. They offered such insight. LBY studio has made a safe, comfortable space to fully experience all that was offered. I learned an incredible amount. I loved the Anusara infused moments!!!! Cheryl was sincere, honest and candid about what teaching yoga is like. Much appreciated!!”
Ali: June 2016 Graduate

“Cheryl has a beautiful and open heart with an infectious sense of humor. I thoroughly enjoyed the teacher training with her. ”
Mel: June 2016 Graduate

“Great training at LBY. Cheryl is a wonderful presence. I was especially surprised by the amazing guest teachers we had during our training. Many of whom live in the tri-city area which is a testament to our local yoga community here. I hope to carry countless things with me that I learned from my training.”
Meagan: June 2016 Graduate

“So organized and creative!!! I was introduced to so many different ideas, concepts, very diverse! I enjoyed the thoughtful themes each weekend. All the guest teachers and field trips were so dynamic. Each homework assignment helped me explore and deepen my understanding of yoga!”
Kay: June 2016 Graduate

“It was wonderful, amazing, joyful, and positive, all around one of the most loving experiences I have ever had. I learned so much, but it was also a deep personal/spiritual journey that will continue in a different way now.

I developed a beautiful sisterhood with such loving women. I have found my voice and am learning who I am because of this journey. I have made a connection I never thought I would have ever made in life. My understanding of yoga is so much deeper, and I better understand how to share that love with others now. Cheryl and Kelly are the Best!! I love them. “
Sarah:  2015 Graduate

“Trust that you already have the knowledge with in you, ability, strength, love and knowing.

My experience with this teacher training surpassed my intention of becoming more flexible, comfortable with teaching asana and developing a home practice. It has unfolded a path of self-discovery – looking inward to myself for healing, physically and spiritually. It has guided me to take what I am learning on the mat, out into my everyday life.”
Amy: 2015 Graduate

“This has been one of the best experiences of my life! I have opened up in so many ways. Thank you Cheryl for helping me discover this path of healing – this journey of loving myself. I will be forever grateful and always hold you close to my heart!”
Kristy: 2015 Graduate

“This is the most powerful and empowering experience / journey I have ever been blessed with. I feel deeply grateful in completing this part of the journey. I feel very prepared on all levels.

I have no lows to offer, this is a very diverse and powerful group of women and again, I am truly grateful to have been given this opportunity – I feel that my walk is just beginning.

On a physical level, I am in the best shape I have been in 25 years. Emotionally and spiritually I feel open and raw at the same time and there is a freedom in that.“
Diane: 2015 Graduate

“I truly admire Cheryl’s expert and gentle and joyful way of leading a group of women who had little or no idea what they were in for. The bonds created between us yoginis would not have become this strong without your loving guidance! Yes, we learned asana and history and tradition, but you showed us how to allow ourselves to be real, by being real. How to step into our light by being and radiating your own so generously.”
Eva: 2015 Graduate

“I loved the theming we had for each weekend. It allowed intimate connection with one another, safe space to be vulnerable, honest and to grow. It also allowed for deep honest self-inquiry. I especially loved the times we were able to start Sunday mornings with quiet self-study, journaling, asana or meditation in the space of Lotus Bloom together.

We were so lucky to have the various guest teachers Cheryl included in this training. Cheryl not only encourages each of us as students to allow our light to shine, but also other teachers in the area to be meaningfully incorporated. A powerful cadre of yoginis exist in this community and Cheryl included each of these other teachers to also share their gifts, knowledge, love and experience. I loved the diversity and depth of aspects of Yoga we encountered; philosophy, sutras, Baghavad gita, yamas, niyama, chakras, anatomy / physiology, alignment, Ayurveda, styles of asana practice (Kundalini, Anusara, Sivananda, Prenatal, Chair, laughter, Iyengar, etc). Please keep the opportunity for students to practice teaching. The Friday night classes were frightening, necessary and divine.”
Siri:  2015 Graduate

“Absolutely opened me up to a new world the second weekend together. I told my partner that this was the best investment in and for myself I’ve ever made. The weekends were well organized, filled to the brim with information and talented guest teachers, and created a new community. Thank you. You are organized, ethical, keep your commitments, and honest in regards to your role as teacher.”
Hanna: 2015 Graduate

“Cheryl has an incredibly insightful and beautiful ability to help a person on a spiritual path and to honor them where they are. I would not be here today without this gift.

The final weekend retreat was a poignant and powerful time for reflection, closure and the setting of future intention for our individual selves and the community we had created over the curse of the training.

This program became a home and a sanctuary where I felt safe to be and discover who I was, who I hoped to become, and who I was in the eyes of beautiful spirits who reflected back to me qualities I had not been able to see in myself. My next steps now that the program is over will be to begin to see those qualities in myself and help others to see their one divinity.

I came into the program as I would to any life situation; worrying that I may be judged, undervalued, and not loved. I moved through the journey realizing that any judgment was an illusion, a story that I created from my own self-doubt. I am learning to have the confidence and grace to change this story thanks to the experiences and lessons from this program.”
Marieke:  2015 Graduate

“My experience in your training was the most positive investment I have ever made in myself. I had no idea how deeply I was craving what you had to offer. After the very first weekend I knew that I could have the strongest asana practice and the glibbest manner in the classroom but if I didn’t bring grace with me, my skill would not matter. Cheryl, that you are highly skilled is a given. We are blessed to have had you to share your expertise, wide range of experience in all levels of yoga, and the mannerisms and details needed to be an effective teacher. But what you model and share hour after hour is love, unselfish grace, and passion for the whole person in front of you. You never taught us as a class that must adhere to scheduled lessons. But rather as treasured hearts that would open up within your own and breathe in the nuances of yoga that would form the teacher within us. A bit of your heart will always be in any teaching minute I enjoy. I thank you from the bottom of my really wide open heart!”
Vick: 2012 Graduate

“Every person whose heart is moved by love and compassion, who deeply and sincerely acts for the benefit of others without concern for fame, profit, social position, or recognition expresses the activity of the 1000 Arm Chenrezig – the Buddha of Compassion.” This is you Cheryl! –
2011-12 Graduate

“Cheryl artfully, intuitively, and creatively guided each individual student on their own personal journey to enlightenment. I unexpectedly got more than I bargained for, and became not only a yoga teacher, but the woman I always dreamed of becoming. Thanks Cheryl, my subtle guru and bold believer in the light, the grace within us all.”
Elissa: 2010 Graduate

“I had an amazing 9 month experience taking Yoga Intensive Studies with Cheryl Walters. I highly recommend anyone interested in deepening their own practice to invite Cheryl Walters to be your guide/teacher.”
Helen: 2010 Graduate

“This program was truly transformative! Cheryl has such presence and an entertaining and powerful presentation of yoga from A to Z. My yoga will never be the same after experiencing her heart felt grace, and my life will never be the same after being touched by the cohesive group’s energy.”
Mira: 2010 Graduate