Class Description

Cheryl is available to offer any of the below styles of yoga and classes to groups or private yoga session.

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This practice promotes profound relaxation with supported poses, breathing practices, and meditation. A healing balm for an anxious, weary world, restorative yoga reduces the effects of chronic stress and helps students overcome insomnia, fear, anger, anxiety, and depression. Release tension from your body and mind and restore energy and joy. No yoga experience needed for this deeply relaxing practice.


Yin yoga targets the deep, dense connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine, and the web of fascia that runs throughout the entire body. Most yin postures are floor-based and held for a long period of time. Do not confuse yin yoga with restorative: this class is challenging, mentally and physically. For all levels of students.


Deep Healing Relaxation Method/ Yoga Nidra (conscious sleep) – This class is accessible to anyone, regardless of physical conditions. Yoga Nidra is a guided, restorative and rejuvenating practice that takes place in savasana, lying down. The class invites you to take the time to release deep tension and stress in the layers of the body (koshas), while remaining aware and awake. As you practice deep relaxation, staying focused on the here and now, you give your body the opportunity to heal and function at optimal levels. The many benefits of yoga nidra can also include better problem solving, improved memory, relief of pain, and increased creativity.


This class is conducted with the students using props for support to focus on opening the body from head to toe. The instructor will emphasis safe alignment, stretching, breathing techniques, and basic standing poses (using the chairs for support) to enhance balance and core strengthening. Gentle yoga is ideal for elderly, minor injuries or physical limitations. Everyone is Welcome!!! Individuals with MS, CP or cancer survivors are also encouraged to join us. Our studio is HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE.


Highly recommended for students who are either new to yoga or have limitations in their physical capacity due to age, injury or manageable conditions. These classes offer the on going exploration into the art and science of yoga. Instructors will provide a high attentive and supportive environment. Teaching basic postures, alignment, and building core strength along with balancing practices. Instructors for our basic classes will invite students to stretch not just their bodies but their hearts, with the hopes to bring more flexibility into your life off your mat.


Everyone is welcome!! These classes are designed to meet every students needs with a supportive environment that encourages all levels of practitioners. Poses are held longer with a focus on opening your whole body with the use of props to support alignment and safety. Beginners will receive clear instruction and support with modifications, while experienced students will be offered more challenging variations. The instructors for all levels classes are trained to cater to the level of students present that day for class. All level classes are appropriate for beginners and ongoing students.


This light, fun-filled and challenging practice links conscious breath and dynamic movement with a strong focus on bringing your intention alive on the mat. Everyone is welcome. Some yoga experience suggested.


This class is ideal for yogi’s wanting to elevate their practice. As we allow ourselves to take our time in a slower-paced yoga practice, we find that our muscles become more supple, our breath deepens, enlivens, and invigorates, and our entire being shifts towards a state of greater balance.
Emphasis is placed on core strength and accessing powerful poses through precise alignment. Through this practice, you will learn how to become more sustainable and find a greater sense of peace within a strong practice.
Intermediate intensity with some yoga experience recommended.