Preparing For Class & FAQ

LBY believes in nurturing the whole person – making yoga accessible & affordable for ANYBODY & EVERYBODY.  Offering yoga for Chronic Pain, Lifeforce Yoga for mental illness (anxiety, depression), Yoga for Cardiac Disease & 12 step Recovery Yoga

  • Plan ahead: LBY offers 23 or more classes a week. Which provides a wide range of classes to try out and find the classes that are appropriate for your level of experience. Our style and manner of teaching can lend itself to offer physically challenging classes. If you bring a friend who is a beginner, please honor him/her by attending a Basics class.
  • Practice soucha: Please come to class with your body and clothing clean. Refrain from using strong, scented deodorants or lotions, perfumes, and scented fabric softener before class.
  • Prepare to arrive early:  5- 10 minutes before the start of class can help you get settled in with time for your own grounding and intention setting for class and your practice.
  • Leaving early: We value all of the offerings at our studio and have a desire for you to receive all the benefits from our class, so we encourage students to stay the entire length of the class.
  • Mats & Props: LBY provides yoga mats and props for everyone’s use. If you are interested in purchasing your own yoga mat we advise you to ask one of our instructors or staff members for guidance.


  • Please remove your shoes before entering the Main yoga studio area.
  • Store all your personal items neatly in the front room, on or under the benches.
  • Please turn off cell phones before class begins. Talking or texting is not allowed during class.
  • Let your instructor know about any injuries before class begins; this way we can assist and support you with appropriate modifications.
  • Please be ready to sit attentive to the instructors centering at the start of class. If you join any class late please wait until after centering and OM’s to roll out your mat and gather props.
  • Please abide by the teacher’s instruction to the best of your ability throughout the class unless modifications are needed to honor your body and its limitations.
  • Drinking water during class can be necessary due to our dry climate; however, please refrain from eating in the studio during class.
  • If you are running late, please still come for class but wait until after the centering time has completed before entering the main studio space.
  • If you need to leave class early, please position yourself near the door and leave before savasana.
  • Please return any props you use during class neatly to their proper location.
  • If you use a LBY mat or any other prop and have accidentally damaged or soled our items, please pass those items over to the instructor.


Can beginners attend class?
We love and welcome new people to yoga; however, please choose a class that is appropriate for your level of fitness and understanding of yoga. We encourage beginners to pace themselves in class. Class will be challenging, but you can chart a course of your own for determining the intensity with which you work with each pose and throughout the process. And ask questions before, during and after class. Let us help you whenever we can.

What should I wear?
Wear something you can easily move around in and not have to fuss with; modest clothing that won’t cause you any embarrassment. You’ll soon find that wearing specially designed yoga clothing is best.

What type of yoga is taught at Lotus Bloom Yoga?
We are a Hatha yoga studio. We are rooted in the traditions and healing benefits of the 8 limbed path of yoga. You will experience in all of our classes the honoring of chanting, breathing techniques and practices called Pranayama, along with moments of silence and meditation. And of course the physical practices referred to as Asana.

Why do the instructors at Lotus Bloom Yoga teach “off the mat”?
If your yoga teacher stays on their own personal yoga mat and only focuses on their own practice with the class, the teacher cannot see what is going on with the students, creating a disconnect between student and teacher. A teacher can teach far more effectively when moving through the room and observing the students in class. In our “Flow” hour classes you will find the instructor on their mats more often to demonstrate the linking of poses to create the movement of flow, but they are also prepared and willing to assist you with modifications and use of props.

Am I allowed to ask questions before, during or after classes?
Yes! Yes! Yes! Our hope is to inspire our students to grow and want more. So inquiry and asking questions are encouraged if done appropriately and kindly. LBY instructors are highly trained and have so much to offer. We also have a lending library full of great yoga books and resources for all of our students.

Are your classes heated?
NO! Because we emphasize teaching yoga to everyone, not everyone should be practicing yoga in a heated room. If you have high blood pressure, practicing in a heated room can be dangerous. If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, raising your core body temperature above 98.6 degrees can potentially be dangerous. These are two reasons we don’t heat our classes, but there are many more to consider. Our top priority is that no one gets hurt in our classes.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Print and sign our waiver before attending your first class to save time: