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Rebecca’s Yoga And Lifestyle Services: Offering Yoga therapies!

– Thai Yoga Bodywork, an ancient energy-based healing system originating in Ayurvedic medicine practices, and “Specialized Yoga” which are individual and personalized sessions both dramatically increasing your well-being through balancing your body’s energy and systems; improve range of motion, reducing tension, pain and improving your body’s alignment. Both therapies are rejuvenating and increase relaxation.

– Thai Yoga Bodywork is an incredibly effective modality of bodywork because it combines stretching your body into assisted yoga, compression of muscles, acupressure, and rocking motions—kind of like combining full body reflexology and physical therapy!

– Yoga Specialized is a personalized program designed to focus on one’s particular body-mind issues and health goals. You will be guided through a specific routine that you will learn with me and practice at your home. Program can be designed for up to 5 people with same issues. See website for some of the programs I offer.

Mind, Body, Spirit Coaching is a great way to have compassionate yet challenging support via phone/ face me to reach your health goals!
For descriptions, pricing and details
Rev. Rebecca Hagman, E-RYT500, RTT
By appointment only. Call 928.910.2388

We are honored to have Vigraha Sacred Art displayed at our studio. Each piece is available for purchase. If you do not see what you are looking for, go to Vigraha Sacred Art Gallery and let them know you are a student at Lotus Bloom Yoga. They will be happy to assist you in finding your perfect treasure.

Vigraha Sacred Art specializes in the antique art of India, Tibet, Nepal and Southeast Asia – including ritual statuary, paintings, furniture, tangkas (wall hangings) and jewelery. Bronze and stone statues dating from the 18th – 19th centuries predominate, enhanced with rare artifacts from as early as the 2nd or 3rd centuries, representing Buddhist and Hindu iconography, as well as tribal traditions from around the world. Provocative work from French graffiti artists, as well as contemporary Aboriginal and Newari paintings, add an eclectic mix to this substantial collection.

115 E. Goodwin St. Ste. E

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