Letters to the Community

March 30, 2020

Hello to the Lotus Bloom Yoga family.

Over the last week we have gone through so much as a yoga community not to mention as a world! I’ve experienced the uncertainty of how to run LBY through the rapidly changing moments, we’ve been forced to close our doors in the spirit of self-sacrifice and caring for the global community at large, we’ve shifted to online yoga classes with gracious help of Andie Cooper, we continue to do the best that we can the best way that we can.
It also appears even though I was hopeful, we will not be allowed to reopen April 1st for business, and it continues to be unclear when or if we will be opening in April. Whether you are watching or listening to daily information it is clear that there are still so many unknowns that each of us are navigating through and adjusting to daily.

Part of the greater conversation is the impact that this storm will have on small businesses. It inspires me every day that we still have a beautiful amazing thriving yoga community. But Lotus Bloom Yoga fits in the category of obviously being a small business, that will suffer.

The day that we were mandated to close our doors was the first day that the business began to lose money. Even with the cushion that I have it has become clear in just 7-10 days into this shutdown that as a small business owner I will not be able to weather this storm financially, no matter the outcome.

The online classes I knew would be a hard pivot for our community to shift into. We LOVE being with each other and feeling the connectedness. You the students and the incredible teachers are the fabric of the studio. We are sending HUGE HUGS and a thank you to the handful of students that have embraced our online classes and options, but in full transparency I am not able to pay my teachers to continue teaching the online classes beyond April 11th.

Never did I dream I would be closing the studio. But when a business is losing money daily and I cannot pay my staff and my teachers it is time to close the doors.

The foundation of my teachings and practice in life has always been to step into the currents of Grace. The current gets clearer everyday even though it is breaking my heart. So, I must trust it. I have always strived to run my business at the studio from a place of integrity, aligning with grace and open heartedness, and I am now asking the same back from the community. For those of you who have autopay monthly memberships I have ended those contracts, if you join us for the online classes you will be able to pay as you go at a lower drop in fee of $12.00. For those who have class passes I am asking for financial forgiveness from all of you with your class passes. With the hope you will take advantage over the next few weeks to enjoy our online class offerings. But the class passes will expire April 11th. And the studio/business will close effective May 1st 2020.

Please call or email if you have any questions. We are a family at LBY. We think about you daily. We care about each of you dearly, know that we are here for you. Reach out to us at any time if you need support or have questions about your at home yoga practices.

Bright Blessings,
Cheryl Walters

April 1, 2020


Hello my dear yoga community.

I am overwhelmed with all the love and support that you are sharing. I am so grateful for the out pour of possibilities and ideas to keep the studio going. I hear you. I feel you through your words. Please know I am not leaving the community, I am not walking away from the community, I am needing to walk away from the business. I have no doubt that we will be rolling out our yoga mats together soon. Some of the teachers and I are already making plans for yoga in the park when this passes.

Please remember we are the lucky ones. We have been gifted these amazing yoga practices that all of you have been taught for years. It is within you! Yoga is not separate from you it is within you!! When I opened the studio 8 years ago I received some push back from people confused why I would charge money for yoga because yoga is free. Which is absolutely true, yoga is free. But my teacher reminded me years ago that what is not free is the brick & mortar of a studio the monthly overhead, payroll, etc. WE are evolving back to yoga is FREE, we have the ability to create our own home practices, and even sprinkle it throughout your day. And believe it or not you do not need to call yourself a “yoga teacher” to teach those around you breathing techniques or a few yummy poses to open the heart. Yoga is within you. And if you are still challenged with creating a home practice there is an abundance of FREE yoga online through youtube and facebook live. You can also find yoga and meditation apps on your phones.

Remember we are the lucky ones! The clarity that is surfacing from my practices, that I now see is we as a thriving yoga community are being called as Yogis to live our yoga. To now BE OF SERVICE to our local and global communities. There are so many people locally and globally that are hurting and suffering right now. And there is no doubt the needs will only grow. If I owned the building that has served as our home I would be turning it into an overflow shelter for the homeless. If I had a sewing machine I would be making medical mask to send to the front lines.

We are the lucky ones, we have our yoga practices!!! So I am asking each of you to keep doing your daily yoga practice once or several times a day, take very good care of yourselves and then take care of your family and loved ones, and then if you have enough time and energy go and BE OF SERVICE to those that are hurting and have greater needs. Go to the local homeless shelter and ask them what they need, reach out to the Human Society and local rescue shelters that are being overrun with surrendered animals because people cannot pay to take care of their pets. This week I have gathered all the flower vases from the studio and made bouquets and have taken them to a local nursing home for them to give to a few of their folks who are scared and alone. There is so much that we can do right now to live our yoga. BE OF SERVICE, and if the only thing you have the energy to do right now is light a candle and send loving thoughts to the world, that is enough too. Whatever you can offer, keep living your yoga.

Soon I will be making small gift bags of essential needs for the homeless shelters, I will be organizing a drop off time at the studio for small bottles of lotions, shampoos, hand sanitizer etc. to go into the gift bags.

I love you!!! Do your yoga practices daily and go live your yoga off the mat!!!!

Bright Blessings,
Cheryl Walters

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