The Kindness Project

Lotus Bloom Yoga Studio
The Kindness Project
Community Outreach

Giving back to our community and our students has been woven into the tapestry of our studio from the first day we opened our doors. The owner of Lotus Bloom Yoga, Cheryl W. wanted to use yoga as a vehicle for creating community connection and social change. What Cheryl has found as we continue to grow is that our mission resonates in the hearts of both our students and our teachers. We continue to donated hundreds of dollars a year to local schools and charities. Along with hosting 2 annual fundraisers a year, averaging $400.-$500.00 from each fundraiser.

Coming together as a community to help change the lives of others is the true Heart of Lotus Bloom Yoga. In 2019 we want to grow our giving back to a organized outreach project with volunteer coordinators and committed volunteers. Serving our community in a meaningful way that makes a difference. Lotus Bloom Yoga is more than just a studio it is about empowerment for the individual and creating a life of purpose and meaning, using yoga as the catalyst to do that.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact one of our Volunteer Coordinators:

Pam Jacobs (
Katie Leonard (

GIVE BACK: (6 month term of service)

  • Phone calls of support and check in
  • Send cards
  • Driving: includes appointments, yoga class, store errands
  • Respite coverage for care givers. 2hr limit
  • Drop off gift baskets from our outreach program
  • Assemble baskets using comfort items
  • Prepare a meal for someone in need.
  • Walk dogs

OTHER WAYS TO GIVE BACK : (If a 6 month commitment is not a fit)

Dropping off at the studio Items for gift baskets:
self-care: lotions, bubble bath, candles, oils ,soaps , eye pillows,
baskets, cards, beautiful journals, fun pens, etc.

Volunteer needs on an “as needed” basis