We are thrilled to offer a
ONE OF A KIND journey through a
300 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification Program!  

“Tada Drastu Svarupe Avastanum”
(Then the Seer shines in their resplendent form)
Translation of Patanjali Yoga sutra Book I sutra 3

Our Yoga Advancement Program is designed to move you forward in becoming fully established in your unique shining form. In sanskrit this sutra is written, “Tada Drastu Svarupe Avastanum”. Tada means to emerge from within, drastu is the seer (the one who sees or the witness) svarupe is the true form of the Self, and avastanum is to be fully and consistently established in that. Feel the relief of coming home to your true and unique Self and sharing that with those you encounter in and out of the yoga classroom. As yoga students and teachers, our first commitment is to our own deep inner connection to Self or so that we can model and awaken that in those who come to us in studentship. Skillful action that leads to the removal of physical, psychological and mental obstacles bring us naturally to rest in our deepest nature that is present in every moment.


  • A 10 day retreat to North India!!!! We are the ONLY one like it in Arizona. We will be combining deep practical study locally In Prescott AZ. monthly along with a safe & sacred journey to North India on a 10 day retreat.  Because this is a One of a Kind certification program that includes 10 days in India, space is truly limited.
  • Together we will go on incredible adventures. Traveling high into the Himalayas to spend the day with bright eyed and giggling school children. Hiking through a monkey filled forest to a magical Durga Temple with spectacular views, participating in sacred fire pujas with beloved priest, offering prayers and swimming in the Holy Ganga River, wandering through the colorful markets, taking part in the chanting the Gayatri mantra on the Ganga River with 100’s of people during the exquisite Ganga Aarti, and hanging out with spiritual seekers and teachers from around the world. Rituals and roses, chaos and grace, marigolds and mantras, unforgettable sunrises and the best chai of your life.
  • Receive continued support and mentoring while on your own journey of personal practices, weaving your India experience into the growth of you as a Yoga Teacher.

Receive your certification in just 9 months!

Please contact Cheryl Walters 928-499-1553 ASAP to set up a personal informational meeting and to hold your space.


Our Yoga Advancement Program is designed to move you forward in becoming fully established in your unique shining form.  As yoga students and teachers, our first commitment is to our own deep inner connection to Self so that we can model and awaken that in our students. 

Eight reasons to take your training to the next Level :

  1. Receive your certification in just 9 months!
  2. Distinguish yourself personally and professionally as a teacher
  3. Enhance your skills and tools to empower you to work with all levels and abilities of students
  4. We offer the perfect size group for intimacy, deep connection and a special sisterhood like no other
  5. Receive clear and concise teaching methodologies and practice, psycho-physiological effects & contraindications of asana postures
  6. Break through the Maya’s & Klesha’s of your life so you can open new-found pathways to deepen your own Sadhana (Spiritual Practice).
  7. Build confidence and courage to trust your own authentic style and voice
  8. Learn from world renowned teachers and healers


What’s included:

  • 1 Night accomodation at Hotel in Lakshman Jhula, Rishikesh
  • 9 Nights accommodations at the most beautiful retreat center on the sacred Ganga River
  • 3 Organic, locally grown vegetarian meals a day
  • All local transportation
  • Taxis to and from Dehra Dun airport
  • Morning meditation & chanting
  • Daily yoga and embodiment sessions
  • Women’s Community & Sisterhood
  • Local guides
  • Excursions to nearby Temples, Sacred Sites & Towns
  • Practical & emotional support before, during and after the trip
  • Indescribable beauty and magic

Not included:

  • Airfare to and from Delhi
  • Transportation between Delhi and Rishikesh
  • Indian Visa fees
  • Tips for Staff



September:  4 – 6
October: 2 – 4
November: 3 – 13 (10-day India retreat!)
December: 19 (one day 9 to 3)


January: 22 – 24
February: 26 – 28
March: 26 – 28
April: 23 – 25
May: 21 – 23
June: 25 – 27


Friday: 4:00 – 8:00pm
Saturday: 9:00 – 5:00pm
Sunday: 9:00 – 3:00pm


Early bird price $5150
After June 15th Full price $5450.00

  • Price based on double occupancy. 
  • For Single Occupancy add an additional $500
  • Price includes the 300 hour program and the 10 day India retreat
  • Price does not include
    • Airfare to and from Delhi
    • Transportation between Delhi and Rishikesh
    • Indian Visa fees
    • Tips for Staff
  • No refunds after September 1, 2020
  • For additional Information or to set up a meeting to discuses payment plans options, please contact Cheryl @ 928-499-1553 or email her at Cheryl@LotusBloomYoga.com.



Cheryl Walters

Cheryl has been teaching and sharing the gifts of yoga since 2001. She is a Yoga Therapist, certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists and has been the director and lead instructor for Yoga Intensive Studies Programs and Yoga teacher training for Yoga Alliance locally for over 13 years. She has trained over 100 yoga students to become yoga teachers, and continues to mentor yoga teachers and yoga students Worldwide. What separates Cheryl from other yoga mentor’s is her years of experience with teaching yoga to different populations (Yoga for Vets, 12 Step Yoga, Yoga for M.S, PTSD & Trauma survivors,
Learn more about Cheryl




Nischala Joy Devi

Nischala is a masterful teacher and healer. For many years she has been highly respected as an international advocate for her innovative way of expressing Yoga and its subtle uses for spiritual growth and complete healing. Her dynamic delivery and deep inner conviction empower each individual, allowing the teachings to expand beyond boundaries and limitations of any one tradition enabling her to touch people’s hearts.
Learn more about Nischala




Cheryl Van Demark

Cheryl is a Yoga Therapist, certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists and a Yoga Teacher certified with the Yoga Alliance as a continuing education provider. Cheryl is also a practicing physical therapist with a Master’s degree in physical education and exercise science. She has enjoyed over 35 years of helping individuals optimize alignment, restore movement, build strength and cultivate a balance in body, mind, and spirit to pursue joyful living.
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Kirsten Warner

Kirsten supports women to transform their lives using the practices she developed over 30 years of study with teachers from around the world. Her balanced approach blends ancient yogic wisdom with modern techniques in psychology, neuroscience and group leadership. In addition to being playful and inspiring, all of Kirsten’s workshops, trainings and retreats are designed to shift core mental, emotional and physical patterns. Her passion is helping people to simultaneously enhance their daily lives and deepen their connection to the divinity and magic that surrounds us all.
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Kerry Temple-Wood
Kerry is the founder of 63rd Street Yoga Studio. Having practiced Yoga for 50 years, Kerry’s lifelong commitment to this path of wisdom has only deepened with the passage of time and been enriched from her passionate exploration of the feminine journey. Her connection to Yoga and awakened consciousness is the thread that weaves her life experiences and relationships including marriage, motherhood and parenting, menopause and conscious aging.
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