200 Hour Virtual Yoga Teacher Training

Teacher Training, Teacher Tune-Up & 40 Hour Yoga Immersion Information

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training:

This online Yoga Alliance approved 200 hour Program upholds the highest standards of yoga instruction and practice. It will be co taught by Cheryl Walters E-RYT 500 of Lotus Bloom Yoga and Abby Spotskey E-RYT 500 of The Yoga Experience, and include a few guest teachers, including TYE owner Erin Widman E-RYT 500. The Program includes in-depth study of the following areas: yoga asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra, mantra, meditation, yogic/tantric philosophy, yogic texts, anatomy/physiology, ayurveda, therapeutic applications of yoga, basic Sanskrit…and so much more. This program will enhance your knowledge and skills in order to build your confidence as a yoga instructor. As a group we will create a safe and supportive environment for each student to have the space for practicing teaching and allowing them to practice verbal and physical adjustments, skillful language, effective demonstrations and sequencing. This training will bring together all aspects of great teaching and will support you as you build confidence to express your authentic voice in the world of yoga. At the completion of the 200 hour program you will receive a certification, which qualifies to register with Yoga Alliance as a 200 hour RYT level.

There are truly many reasons a student seeks out a yoga studies program, within the first weekend you soon discover that is not just a program but a authentic journey of self discovery. Deepening your knowledge through study, discussion and practice of the yogic arts & sciences a student can’t stop the expansion within their hearts, giving them permission to go beyond their expectations and limitations. Like a flowing current of Grace, this program will light the way to true transformation, allowing the opportunity time and time again to dive deep into the path of yoga. Ultimately, the study of yoga will bring you back home to your true intrinsic potential.

Participants will learn:
• Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga
• Therapeutic Application of Asana
• Subtle Body Anatomy – Chakras & Nadis
• Alignment Principles, Modifications, Contraindications & Benefits of Numerous Postures
• Designing, Sequencing & Pacing a Yoga Class
• Ethical Aspects of the Yoga Profession
• Assisting & Adjusting Students
• Effective Communication Skills
• How to Create a Safe Learning Environment
• Processes for Self Study, Enhanced Personal Practice
• Practice Teaching, Giving and Receiving Feedback

The Yoga Studies program is in accordance with the Yoga Alliance National Standards and includes in-depth study and experience in:
• Practice and Training in Asana, Pranayama and Meditation
• Philosophy and Ethics including Yama and Niyama
• Anatomy and Physiology – Physical and Energetic
*Learn the Myths that inform yogic philosophy
• Effective Teaching Methodology

The 200 Hour Yoga Studies program also covers the following special topics:
• Restorative Yoga
• Chair, Gentle and Senior Yoga
• Yoga for trauma
• Kids/Teen Yoga
• PreNatal Yoga

Hours of each weekend:
Friday: 4-7pm
Saturday: 9-12:30pm
Sunday: 9-12:30pm

Hours subject to change as needed

Dates of training weekends:  Twice monthly.
June 11 – 13 & June 18 – 20
July 9 – 11 & July 16 – 18
August 13 – 15 & August 20 – 22
September 10 – 12 & September 17 – 19
October 8 – 10 & October 15 – 17
November 12 – 14 & November 19 – 21
December 10 – 12 & December 17 – 19

January 21 – 23 & January 28 – 30
February 18 – 20 & February 25 – 27 Graduation Month!


Full  Online 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training:
Non Refundable Deposit: $800
Full price: $2385

No Refunds After June 11, 2021

Payment plan: 5 payments of $500. To be completed by December 31, 2021.

Anyone interested in TYE membership while in the 200 hour program will be offered a discounted rate of $19/month.  Such a deal!!! Autopayment required for the full time of the training.

40 Hour Yoga Immersion:

Online Yoga Immersion:  First 40 hours of the above training, for all levels of students.
Full price: $495

No Refunds After June 11, 2021

Teacher Tune-Up

Teacher Tune up: Full training for those whom already are certified as a 200 hour Yoga Teacher.
Non Refundable Deposit: $800
Full price: $1195

No Refunds After June 11, 2021

Cheryl Walters – CYI, E-500RYT, YACEP, BHT

Cheryl Walters has been teaching and sharing the gifts of yoga since 2001. She has been the director and lead instructor for Yoga Intensive Studies Programs and Yoga teacher training for Yoga Alliance locally for over 10 years. She has trained over 80 yoga students to become yoga teachers, and continues to mentor yoga teachers and yoga students Worldwide.

What separates Cheryl from other yoga mentor’s is her years of experience with teaching yoga to different populations( Yoga for Vets, 12 Step Yoga, Yoga for M.S, PTSD & Trauma survivors, Healing from Body Image & Disordered Eating through yoga) and her years of being a successful professional yoga teacher and studio owner. Her guidance is rooted deeply in the belief of everyone’s infinite potential for greatness, never doubting the power of LOVE and never forgetting that our birthright is JOY!

Cheryl’s life has been deeply enriched by the many gifts of yoga and has study several styles of yoga, but always finds herself returning to the powerful method of Anusara Yoga which she is certified in. Cheryl’s knowledge is expansive covering yoga therapy, physical adjustments, universal principles of alignments, asanas and yogic philosophy. The business of yoga and yoga for special populations. Cheryl has been in the field of integrated therapies and body-centered therapies along with addiction counseling for more than 35 years. She has impacted hundreds of people’s lives on and off the mat.

Her teaching style is straight from her heart and full of compassion, depth and grace. Cheryl shines with her joy for life and love of people. She is passionate about the transformation that exists for everyone within the practice of yoga. Cheryl has a remarkable gift for inspiring everyone around her to live and be their fullest potential, celebrating the beauty of life in all its diversity.

Abby Spotskey E-RYT 500, YACEP

Abby’s path to yoga began as a journey away from severe back pain in 1997. Starting with good alignment and advice from her chiropractor, who told her that “yoga was the best self chiropractic,” she has consistently remained connected to her mat.

In 2011, she walked deeper down the yogic path with the completion of an immersion with Noah Maze and a teacher training with Jordan and Martin Kirk in Anusara yoga. She offers a deep bow to the principles of alignment she learned in this style of yoga. In 2017 she completed a year long advanced teacher training with Sianna Sherman, the creator of Rasa Yoga. She now celebrates the inclusion of this style of yoga into her teaching that invites us to use the practices of yoga to individually cultivate and offer our unique gifts to the world.

With each step in her learning Abby discovers new ways to embody and share the knowledge of her gifted teachers with her students.  Over the years, she has hosted numerous workshops on the deep healing from restorative yoga and shared her talent in the retelling of powerful Yogic mythology.  She has assisted the last two successful TYE yoga teacher trainings with her strong organizational skills that present in yoga sequencing, attention to detail in yoga asana alignment, vulnerable open-hearted interpretations of yogic philosophy, and mythology.  Holding these values, Abby cultivates connections to the participants to facilitate open communication and a comfortable learning environment.  She has found that the pedagogy of yoga teacher trainings to be enormously life enhancing to participants and teacher.