Teacher Training Meet & Greet: July 28

Join Cheryl Walters for a MEET & GREET teacher training open house July 28 at Lotus Bloom Yoga Studio 5:45pm.

Start the conversation around what to expect from the teacher training program and have a opportunity to ask questions.

Yoga is considered the highest level of knowing yourself and the pathway to finding out who you truly are. As one of my teachers says, “The only way to go is to go within.”

I have been offering Intensive Yoga training Programs that are also teacher training programs in Prescott for over 10 years and have graduated and mentored over 100 yoga students. Leading these programs is one of my passions and loves. I could go on and on about the magic and power of deepening your yoga knowledge and personal practices, but I will let some of the recent graduates share with you.

“The 200 hour teacher training at Lotus Bloom Yoga is a vast offering of yoga history and the 8 limbs of yoga. Cheryl gives her students a sampling of everything yoga has to offer with the hopes that each student finds their passion and path to their own inner journey. I loved and cherished every moment of the 9 month training.” J. Oden 2017 Graduate

“I love the extended training allowing one to dive into long lasting change in oneself. True inner bliss I have obtained.” H.P 2017 Graduate