Surrender Flow & Yin: In Readiness for the New Year with Julie Heppe: January 1 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

“Surrender is a journey from the outer turmoil to inner peace.” -Sri Chinmoy

We’re all holding onto things that no longer serve us. We feel it in the tension in our body and the conflicts in our mind. It is not more fighting that we need; it’s surrender.

In this class you’ll be guided to turn inward, flow with what you’re holding onto, and find the strength to surrender some burdens on your mind. Expect a slow vinyasa with fluid movements that get your body moving with your breath.

We will then end with a sequence of Yin poses that will leave you feeling grounded and ready for the new year!

Bring a journal and/or object of meditation to add to your practice if you are inspired.

JULIE HEPPE (Swami Samudrananda) E-RYT200, RYT500, YACAP Julie has been teaching and studying all aspect of yoga since the late 80’s when she came upon the Temple of Kriya yoga in Chicago. It was there she became a devotee of Goswami Kriyananda and the teachings of Kriya Yoga. She has since been ordained as Swami Samudrananda, a spiritual name bestowed upon her after years of self-study and disciplined practices. It was during this time when she became passionate about the ancient philosophy of yoga and began to facilitate workshops & assist in spiritual guidance across the country. She recently arrived to Prescott via the west coast of Florida where she co-owed a yoga studio, lead teacher training’s, workshops, group & private classes with the most wonderful groups of people! You will find that Julie incorporates many styles of teaching into her classes. She has enjoyed the alignment of Iyengar, the discipline of Ashtanga, the energizing flow of vinyasa and the victorious breaths of Kundalini. Her classes are accessible to all levels of students and teach

Cost:  $15 drop in or use your class pass