Intrinsic Breathwork Workshop with Cheryl Walters: March 9

Sunday: 3/9/2019
From: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Cheryl has been an Intrinsic Breath Work practitioner for 15 years, she has used this healing modality in her private practice and with groups to assist many in deepening their understanding of the power of breath and awakening individuals to their true authentic self’s.

How does Intrinsic Breathwork? Miraculously, by directing your consciousness back to your breathing and learning to work with it, you can regain what has been lost. You can learn to let go of patterns of worry and tension, which hold you back, and return to natural, oceanic, full-body breathing.

As you become aware of your breath and work with it consciously, you make a direct link to your autonomic nervous system, gaining access to a part of yourself that usually functions outside of conscious awareness.

It is no accident that many meditation techniques are based on breathing. As our breathing gets fuller and deeper, we can feel ourselves softening, opening, getting more spacious inside.

The breath takes us into the very core of our intrinsic goodness. Awakening us to the fullest authentic self’s.
Intrinsic Breathwork has the power to cleanse us of toxins that have built up in the body and the mind. It can help rid us of worries and tensions and bring us back to our true nature of relaxed openness and connection. This most basic and essential of all our activities can also be the most transformative.

Beyond the baseline of natural breathing, there is also an art to cultivating your breath in more powerful ways. The teachings of yoga, martial arts, and many other cultural and spiritual systems have deep roots in breath cultivation. According to many of these ancient teachings, breathing generates electromagnetic energy, or life force energy—commonly called Prana, Qi or Mana—which can heal your body and deepen your spiritual practices.
Chronic stress responses cause an overactive mind, poor health, and a disconnection from the natural cycles and interconnectedness with all of life. When you free up your breathing, you become brighter, more healthy and resilient. Every experience in life can become more harmonious and meaningful when you are in tune with the power and nourishment of consciously breathing.

CHERYL WALTERS: Cheryl Walters is the owner and director of Lotus Bloom Yoga Studio. Cheryl has been in the field of integrated therapies and holistic healing arts for over 25 years, she has a local private practice as a Conscious Living Coach and as an Intrinsic Breathwork practitioner. Cheryl’s life has been deeply enriched by the many gifts of yoga and holistic healing. As a result, she has been teaching and sharing these gifts in the Prescott, Arizona area since 2001. Cheryl has a remarkable gift for inspiring her students to embody the practice of yoga, not just on their mats but in their lives – to truly live their yoga. Cheryl shines with her joy for life and love of people, and is passionate about the transformation that exists within the practice of yoga. Her classes enliven the body, mind, and heart; celebrating beauty in all its diversity. Cheryl honors all who have been a presence in her life, acknowledging everyone especially her students as her greatest teachers.
RYT Teacher Trainer, yoga series and workshop facilitator.

Member: $27.00
Non-Member: $30.00