Silver Lining Stories

Donna Manning: “The silver lining of these last 9 months confirms I am on the right track by practicing meditation and yoga. My emotions have been all over the place, and at times very volatile. It has been challenging and difficult and stressful. Getting outside for daily walks, which are demanded by our doggo; spending some time breathing and stretching in yoga; and sitting quietly connecting to an inner calm has been lifesaving. My spouse has enjoyed all the cookies I have been baking – which is his saving grace!! My indulgence has been binge watching ‘Outlander’ and reading books 6,7 and 8!!!

Connie Ott: “The silver lining of the pandemic over the past year gave me time to slow down, turn inward, and be grateful. While acknowledging the deep sadness and loss for so many people, I was blessed with health, family, and friendships. Our Prescott community offerings continued from Will Duncan, Lotus Bloom Yoga outdoors, and our amazing Prescott Farmers’ Market (just drive up for summer boxes of Mother Nature’s bounty) all nourished me. Just one of the many books I explored was ‘The Yogi’s Roadmap by Bhavani Silvia Maki which has been a wonderful companion diving deeper into the Yoga Sutra.”

Colleen McHorney: “My silver lining this year has been deepening my commitment to my home practice. Of course, I dearly miss Lotus Bloom and the community at the studio- but, I’ve gotten to create a beautiful space in our yard, and practice under the trees along Miller Creek. It has been so enjoyable to practice outside in the sunshine, fresh air, and to intimately witness the change of seasons.”

Cheryl Walters: “I believe the greatest silver lining for me during this COVID time has been TIME. I went from a 7 day a week work schedule, once my feet hit the ground I was on high speed through my days, getting as much done as I could in every moment!! Now my days are one of ease and very little effort. I get to really embody the statement “savor each moment”. My cuddle time with my dogs is much sweeter, my time outdoors is long and luscious, my phone calls last at least 2 cups of hot tea worthy, and my time dreaming is spacious and FREE! And the deeper gift is I have been able to redefine my relationship with “time”, my understanding and appreciation of slowing down, smell the roses, has forever changed for me.