Sound Healing Meditation with Niki Shields: November 22 @ 6:15 pm – 7:30 pm

In this meditation you will experience many different instruments like ocean drum, Elemental Chimes, Tibetan and Crystal bowls… Sound meditation allows you to be in the moment and just BE within your heart space and receive all the wonderful Healing Energies.

Some of the benefits are the following:
– Stress Management
– anxiety relief
– depression
– better quality of sleep
– rapid spiritual growth
– pain management
– Clarity of mind & not staying stuck in patterns

Please bring a mat of comfort, pillow and blanket if you get cold easy.
Please invite friends, family.

NIKI SHIELDS: My journey started 14 years ago. I always believed that I was different, but I did not understand how or why until the day that my first teacher came into my life and everything changed. I was given some crystals and I was asked if I could “connect” to them and see if they had a message to share. To my astonishment, I discovered that I could connect to them! It was in this moment that I realized that this journey and experience was something special and powerful and crazy all at the same time.

COST: Member: $12.75
Non-member: $15.00