Sound Healing Meditation with Niki Shields: July 27

We will learn an overview of Niki’s journey with sound vibration and healing, as well as an in-depth transformative sound healing experience.

Our evening will include a sound and gong bath with 9 different instruments, including singing bowls, chakra tuning forks and Cosmo, The Elemental Gong. (The sound meditation and healing session will be at least 60 minutes long. Please hydrate before and after this event to assist with nerve function and the cleansing of your body. Also, please dress comfortably, bring your personal mat and a pillow or blanket, if you get cold easily).

Sound vibration healing is cleansing for the physical body, the mind and our energetic bodies. It creates deep relaxation which allows our glandular systems to function at their optimum levels. The gong vibrates and balances our energetic meridians, reducing tension, stimulating circulation and releasing emotional and energetic blocks. This is a wonderful opportunity to relax into the moment and receive the healing, integration and clarity that your mind, body and soul are calling for now. 

NIKI SHIELDS: My journey started 14 years ago. I always believed that I was different, but I did not understand how or why until the day that my first teacher came into my life and everything changed. I was given some crystals and I was asked if I could “connect” to them and see if they had a message to share. To my astonishment, I discovered that I could connect to them! It was in this moment that I realized that this journey and experience was something special and powerful and crazy all at the same time.

COST: Member: $12.75
Non-member: $15.00