Svadhyaya Tune-Up

Do you love the feeling of practice, but are struggling to recharge your practices? Do you want to dedicate yourself to practicing with a group of similarly dedicated people? Maybe you are feeling a bit rusty or stuck as a yoga teacher and you are looking for a opportunity to push that refresh button with support of others on the same journey?

This Svadhyaya tune-up is designed for:

  • Anyone that has completed a 200hr YTT and is ready to delve deep into their practice
  • Anyone whether you are a teacher or a student who holds a 200hr certificate who in interested in delving further into your own personal yoga therapies or you want to learn how to design a yoga class or a special population
  • 200hr certified teachers who desire to bridge that gap into becoming a 500hr trained and certified teacher
  • 200hr certified teachers/student who’s deepest hearts longing is to be of service to the community they live in

This opportunity will also include:

  • Conversations and practices of the 8 limbs of yoga
  • Self study & self reflection into living your yoga philosophy off your mat.
  • Glimpses into the power of alignment in yoga practices;
  • Yoga business and building a student base.
  • Community cultivation & building
  • Becoming a Mentor to new yoga teachers

Hours for the 7 weekend:
Friday: 4-7pm
Saturday: 9-4pm
Sunday: 9-4pm

Hours subject to change as needed

Dates of 7 weekends:
September 17 – 19
October 15 – 17
November 19 – 21
December 10 – 12

January 21-23
February 18 – 20
March Graduation Month & Community Offerings

Cost: Svadhyaya TUNE-UP
Full Price: $1008
Non Refundable Deposit: $300

No Refunds After September 17, 2021