The Path of Yoga as a Path of Love: February 24

Sunday, February 24
From: 9:00 am – 11:30 am

“Love everybody, even yourself. This is the highest form of practice.” -Baba Hari Das

Sundays are for doing the things you love. Join Shinay Tredeau for an experiential education in using yoga as a means for deeper healing. Learn key tools for optimal alignment in basic and advanced yoga postures. This workshop is open to all levels of yoga practitioners. Flexibility not necessary. Sense of humor required.

You will come away with a better understanding of how to care for your body and an experience of deeper core strength. Let your physical body be a playground for love. “Practicing yoga returns us to the source of our wholeness and wisdom,” said a great rishika, wise sage. When we make a date with ourselves on our yoga mats, we make a deposit into the bank account of practice and radical self-care. Regular, dedicated practice feeds the not only the physical body but also the body of love.

Love is often used in a superficial way today but it also has a universal meaning of connectivity. “This connection does not always change the outer world, but it does provide sincere practitioners with touchstones of courage, resiliency and tenacity needed to face the inevitable challenges of modern life,” said Christina Sell author of Yoga From the Inside Out.

In this yoga workshop you will learn practical tools and techniques for accessing inner strength, insight, love and healing.

Expect demonstrations, explanations, and progressive sequences. Come ready to work and to play.

SHINAY TREDEAU is a certified yoga teacher, yoga health coach, and co-author of Woman Challenge the Lie: 8 Radical Moves to Get Beyond “Never Good Enough.” Get the book here. Shinay has been practicing yoga asana since 2003 and teaching since 2007. Known for her energy, passion, and love of the human body. She is inspired by bringing intergenerational groups of people together to practice and explore the art and science of yoga. 


Members: $22.50