We are thrilled to offer a ONE OF A KIND journey through a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification Program Beginning in September 2020!

Our Yoga Advancement Program is designed to move you forward in becoming fully established in your unique shining form. As yoga students and teachers, our first commitment is to our own deep inner connection to Self so that we can model and awaken that in our students.

I have been dreaming about India …
A Women’s Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India
with Kirsten Warner, Kerry Temple-Wood & Cheryl Walters
November 3-13, 2020
Throughout the ages Rishikesh has been the abode of saints and sages. Known as the yoga capital of the world, it is one of the most potent places in the world for meditation and awakening. The richness of India’s holy places, traditions and rituals provide the perfect atmosphere for those longing to awaken their hearts and minds. Join us on this sacred journey to one of the holiest, most mystical & powerful places in India!

Lotus Bloom Yoga in ONE Word

Celebrating our 6th Year Anniversary with the most amazing yoga community!